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Has your pool deck started to develop symptoms that you aren’t in love with? Are cracks, gouges, and discoloration plaguing your deck? Well, we don’t think just because your deck exhibits these damages that you should run to replace your concrete. Replacing your concrete pool deck can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take weeks to complete. Instead of replacing, you should think about or service of pool deck repair. From cracks to peeling coatings, we got you covered! Want to see what pool deck repair is all about? We have everything you need to know down below.


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A Few Common Repairs

The only good thing about damaged concrete is that most forms of damage are relatively common. With our decades of combined experience, we have seen everything that can and could go wrong with concrete so we know exactly what it takes to repair it correctly the first time around.
Pool Deck Crack Repair
Pool Deck Crack Repair
Cracks are the scourge of any concrete slab and pose more of a threat than any homeowner can expect. Down below, you will find out why you should repair cracks as soon as they appear:
  • Cracks can become a very serious tripping hazard on your deck. When taking into consideration that your pool is going to receive heavy use during the summer, you should have a cracked pool deck repaired ASAP to avoid any accidents.
  • A cracked deck can serve not only as a hazard to you but as a hazard to the structural integrity of the slab. By allowing the concrete to have points it can flex, your deck can sink or crack even worse.
  • With cracks, you are allowing water to seep under the concrete and wash away the supporting soils, presenting a danger to your deck and your pools structural integrity.
Top Coat Recoating
Top Coat Recoating
Sometimes when your topcoat fails, it can make your pool decks condition look a lot worse than it may actually be. By simply reapplying the paint, sealer or stain, we can bring your coating back to life and provide benefits like:
  • With a fresh coat of paint on your Kool decking or knockdown texture, you can amplify the comfort that your deck can provide. Where a faded deck can become very hot, fresh paint has been tested and proven to make a pool deck up to 30 degrees cooler!
  • By resealing your pool deck, you can experience a much safer deck in terms of slip and skid resistance. When your sealer fails, we offer an additive to our sealers that can give the decking more texture in the form of silica sand.
  • By re-staining your deck, you can bring the color of your previous coating back or even change its color. Remember, stained concrete will keep its color for a lifetime.
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Investing In Your Pool Deck
When your pool deck becomes damaged, you are prone to more than just a decrease in safety and appeal. You can lose value in your home with damaged concrete but by repairing your pool deck, you can increase the value of your home. Down below, you will find a few statistics that come with pool deck repair:
  • Homeowners have reported a difference in 5% in the value of their homes when comparing their damaged concrete to when they have had their concrete repaired.
  • Studies have shown that nearly 52% of concrete failure is related to bad practice during construction but will pool deck repair, you can take care of the problem areas and help your concrete serve you for 5-10 years longer.
  • By repairing your concrete or having it resurfaced, you can save thousands of dollars in long term maintenance as the only major maintenance our coatings need is the replacement of its sealer ever 1-3 years.
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Sometimes a simple pool deck repair may not be enough to get your pool deck back into tip-top shape, sometimes it will need to be resurfaced. Don’t worry, we offer this service as well! With pool deck resurfacing, not only can you make your deck safer, more resistant to damage and more comfortable to use, you can completely customize the appearance of your deck!
We offer more coatings for your pool deck than anyone else in Kansas City with our most popular coatings including stamped concrete, wood stamped concrete, Kool decking, and concrete staining. Pool deck resurfacing will save you thousands of dollars and can take weeks less than having your concrete replaced with an average completion time of only 2-3 days depending on the size of your deck, weather and the condition of your concrete slab. Want to know more about concrete resurfacing? Take a look at our home page for everything you need to know.
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Results You Can Trust!
With decades of combined experience and hundreds of customers satisfied, we can bring you the best coatings and repairs in Kansas City. Want to know what separates us from the competition? We have everything you need to know about us down below:
  • We promise to never use subpar materials on your deck. We only use the best-manufactured fillers and patching agents on the market to give you peace of mind no matter what happens to your deck.
  • We will always treat you and your home with respect. Our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied so we will always clean up when we are done and inspect all of our work before we leave. We want to keep you as a client for life, not just a one time customer.
  • We offer a strong warranty on all of our work so you don’t have to worry about any obstacles your deck may face!