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Concrete Pool Deck
Whether your pool deck has begun to show signs of its age or if you’re just looking for an affordable way to get the pool decking of your dreams, we have a service for you! With our pool deck resurfacing process, not only can we repair the concrete, make your pool deck safer and even save you thousands of dollars compared to having your concrete replaced, we can do it in a weeks time! Heres all you need to know about our service!


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Pool Deck Resurfacing Kanas City

What We Offer

Sometimes other companies will make their processes sound hard or extensive to make more money, but not us! Here is what we can do for you and your home in Kanas City
Pool Deck Repair
Pool Deck Repair
Sometimes all you need is a pool deck repair to get your decking ready for the hot summer months. Here is what you need to look out for on your concrete pool deck:
  • Cracks are the main form of damage that occurs to concrete pool decks because concrete, in general, is prone to cracking no matter what you do to it. Cracks are not only an eyesore, but they can also pose harm to your concrete and even you. Water can seep under the concrete slab and cause serious structural damage to your concrete and even become a hazardous tripping hazard leading to cuts, bruises and even drowning.
  • Faded finishes may not seem like a big deal, but a faded sealer or paint can make your decking unsafe or uncomfortable to use. Faded coatings can lead to a scolding hot deck, make the deck extremely slippery and overall hard to look at
  • The final sign of repair is small areas peeling from the concrete. Make sure to catch these in the early stages or you stand the risk of larger areas of the deck becoming delaminated or the entire deck needing to be resurfaced.
Stained Concrete Pool Deck
Customize Your Deck
Unlike other pool decking companies in Kansas City, we love giving our clients the ability to create a pool decking that you will love. Here is how we enable you to do this:
  • Pavers are a great way to resurface your pool deck. They are extremely durable and easily maintained as they can simply be hosed off when the time comes. In the off chance that a paver becomes damaged or shattered, there are no expensive repairs, just simply pop a new one in its place!
  • Stamped concrete is taking the pool decking industry by storm because of its beautiful finishes and longevity. With a stamped concrete overlay, you can mimic the appearance of natural stone, pavers, and even rustic wood flooring. The added bonus to these exotic finishes is they now have the decades-long lifespan of a concrete flooring system!
  • Not really one for stylish finishes but want a simplistic and seamless finish? Artistic concrete overlays just may be for you! With the same durability as a stamped concrete finish, a concrete overlay can provide a flat finish with the appearance of burnishes and even marbling!
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Pool Concrete Deck
Make Your Home Safer
By resurfacing your pool deck, not only are you making its appearance much better, you can even be upgrading the safety of your backyard as well! Here is how resurfacing your pool deck can make your concrete deck safer:
  • By filling and repairing all cracks and gouges on the decking, we are eliminating all hazards that can result in bruises, cuts and even in some cases there have been trippings resulting in broken bones!
  • With a resurfaced pool decking, all materials will be brand new, meaning you get the best of the best in terms of slip and skid protection and even best in class heat reflection with some materials able to make the decking up to 30 degrees cooler!
  • With a freshly resurfaced decking system, easy maintenance will mean that there will be fewer objects to interfere with you and your families fun during the hot summer months!
Resurfacing Pool Deck
Affordable Decking Solutions
While making your deck more appealing and even increasing the lifespan of the decking may seem like a task that is going to cost thousands or tens of thousands, we are happy to say that our pool deck resurfacing procedure is much more affordable than other options on the market. The next best way to make your pool decking acceptable again is by removing the existing concrete with potentially dangerous methods that can damage the underlying plumbing and repouring the entire concrete slab. Not only can this process cost more than double the cost of resurfacing your concrete pool deck, but it can also take weeks or even months longer during times of inclement weather in the spring. Along with being faster and more affordable than replacing your concrete, did you know that pool deck resurfacing can actually increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars?
Concrete Pool Deck Ideas
You Can Trust Us!
As the top pool deck resurfacing company in Kansas City, we hold ourselves to a higher standard than other pool decking companies Kansas City. Here is what we can offer you that other companies cant:
  • Our team of expert concrete contractors and pool decking contractors has decades of combined experience so you can sit back and relax knowing that your pool decking is being resurfaced or your pool deck repair is being done by true professionals of the trade.
  • We stand behind our work because we know our contractors don’t cut corners or use subpar materials to save time or money. To prove to you that our work will last, we offer warranties on all of our projects that differ between materials
  • We provide all of our clients a free no obligation quote no matter how big or how small your job is. Ready to get the ball rolling on your project? Call Today!