Signs Your Pool Deck

Needs To Be Resurfaced

Pool Deck in Kansas City
Are you looking for a way to bring your pool deck in Kansas City back to life? In terms of what can make your pool look less than acceptable, there are a few things that you should look out for outside of the aesthetics of your deck. Where cracks, gouges, and discoloration come into play on nearly every concrete slab in existence, there is a process known as concrete resurfacing that can serve as a replacement for a full concrete job. Thankfully there are plenty of signs that your pool deck needs to be resurfaced and down below, we have outlined a few examples of the things that you need to look out for on your concrete pool deck, so let’s get started.
Cool Pool Deck Coating
One of the most common forms of damage to any concrete slab is cracking. Cracking occurs when your pool deck expands or contracts, when something heavy is dropped on it or just from serving for decades. Cracks pose more danger than most homeowners realize as they are more than just unsightly. Cracks can pose to be a very serious tripping hazard on your deck during the summer where decks see the most of their use. Not to mention that a crack can be an express route for water to get under the concrete slab, resulting in the supporting materials being washed away and destabilizing your slab. With pool deck resurfacing, all of the cracks on your deck are filled, patched and coated with a material of your choice to provide a safer, longer-lasting concrete slab.
Pool Deck Coating
Another common form of damage that finds its way onto concrete pool decks is the peeling of coatings. In most cases, a peeling coating is a result of the material not being installed correctly or from the effects of time and wear and tear. Peeling coatings can be dangerous to any deck as with no coating, bare concrete can be very slippery and hot without the proper protection, posing a serious threat to anyone using the pool deck and your comfort while using the pool. When opting for the route of pool deck resurfacing, your contractor will see what the best route is for your deck and in most cases, this requires the entire deck to be ground down to bare concrete to avoid any future cases of peeling.
Stamped Concrete
When most homeowners buy their homes, chances are they don’t get the chance to alter the way the deck looks. As a matter of fact, the only way that you may be able to customize your deck is if you have the pool installed yourself, or is it. A common misconception about pool deck resurfacing is that it is only for damaged or dilapidated pool decking but this is completely false. Pool deck resurfacing can be done as a precautionary procedure and to alter the way your deck looks. There are dozens of concrete coatings that can be used in pool deck resurfacing to give you the opportunity to craft the pool deck of your dreams. Down below, we have outlined a few of the most popular concrete coatings that homeowners across Kansas City are using to resurface their pool decks right now:
  • Stamped Concrete Overlays
  • Stained Concrete
  • Artistic Concrete Overlays
  • Kool Decking
Whether you want your deck to be safer, more durable, stand the test of time or just be more aesthetically pleasing you don’t always need to have your concrete replaced. Pool deck resurfacing is a budget-friendly alternative for any homeowner. No matter which route you take for your pool deck, we wish you the best of luck in all of your home improvement projects to come!