Top Reasons You Should Consider Pool Deck Resurfacing

In Kansas City

Pool Deck Resurfacing
When your home has a pool in the backyard we know that it comes with a lot of responsibility. While most homeowners think that most of the maintenance is for the pool itself, keeping your deck in good condition is just as important. Studies show that homeowners don’t take notice of the damage that occurs on their pool deck and the pool itself has their attention. Truth be told, your pool deck has to deal with more than your pool ever has to. Your deck is constantly exposed to harsh UV rays during the day, heavy foot traffic for most of the year and exposure to the harsh chemicals you use to clean your pool. These factors can rapidly damage your pool deck faster than anything so what should you do once your pool deck becomes damaged? We have found that replacing your concrete can be expensive and time-consuming, pool deck resurfacing however is a fast and budget-friendly option. Want to know what pool deck resurfacing can do for you? We have all the benefits that you stand to gain from pool deck resurfacing in Kansas City down below:
Slip And Skid Resistance
Our studies have found that possibly the greatest advantage of resurfacing your pool deck is that the service can make your deck much safer. Not only can cracks or gouges provide an unsafe environment with tripping hazards, but a faded or peeling deck is also much more hazardous. Cracks can be avoided but when your sealer or actual pool decking becomes faded or peeled, the entire deck can become slippery or unusable for youth or elderly users. Down below, you will find exactly how pool deck resurfacing can make your deck safer:
  • Improved Slip And Skid Resistance
  • Enhanced Heat Deflection
  • Low Glare Finishes
Stamped Concrete Overlays
Did you buy your home without having the chance to customize your pool deck? We know that not everyone has the opportunity to completely customize the deck before you bought your home. Necessarily, pool deck resurfacing isn’t only for damaged pool decks, it can be a cheaper way to get the pool deck of your dreams; while adding strength to the deck to avoid damage in the future. Ready to see a few of the options you have when it comes to the customization of pool deck resurfacing? We have an outline of the most popular pool deck coatings down below:
  • Stamped Concrete Overlays
  • Stained Concrete
  • Wood Stamped Concrete
  • Classic Kooldeck
Concrete Resurfacing
The final reason that we think you should consider pool deck resurfacing in Kansas City is the investment opportunity it can bring to your home. With a cheaper upfront cost than replacing your concrete, pool deck resurfacing can offer the same benefits of investment of replacing your concrete. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to sell your home or keep it for the long run, pool deck resurfacing offers benefits that will not only make your pool deck more attractive to the eye but even more attractive on the open market. Down below, you will find a few facts about investing with pool deck resurfacing:
  • Up To A 5% Increase To The Value Of Your Home
  • An Average Of 70% ROI Reported Among Homeowners
  • Concrete Slabs Last An Additional 5-10 Years After Being Resurfaced
Well, there you have it, the top reasons why you should consider having your pool deck resurfaced in Kansas City. Remember, concrete resurfacing can only be performed on slabs that only have minor to intermediate damage, if your slab is falling apart, it may need to be replaced. No matter which path you decide to take, we wish you the best of luck in all of your home improvement projects to come.